Yet another bookish site... goodreads.com -- this one very similar to LibraryThing, except it allows you to show off what you're currently reading (using "shelves" instead of "tags" that can, actually, function in the exact same way, except it does isolate things like "to read" and "currently reading"). Also, it doesn't require you to own the book for you to feel comfortable adding it to your library, which is a big plus for public library patrons.

Otters Holding Hands

Who needs something cute today? I do! Thus... otters holding hands.


Yann Martel... Book Three.

This time, Yann Martel recommends Agatha Christie's The Murder of Roger Ackroyd...

AND LOOK! If you scroll down all the way, you'll notice that Martel got a response from his first gift (The Death of Ivan Illych)! Of course... it seems to be a form letter written by an underling, but still, it's something...