Philip Pullman & the Butterfly Tattoo

From the Guardian:
Philip Pullman may have hit Hollywood paydirt by selling the rights to the His Dark Materials trilogy to New Line Cinema - but it seems his interest in film goes beyond the bottom line.
According to the Independent's Pandora, the author has awarded the film rights to an earlier novel, The Butterfly Tattoo, free of charge to a small independent Dutch company that promotes educational projects for young people. Dynamic Entertainment now has the option to adapt the book, in exchange for 10% of any eventual revenues. Filming is expected to begin in August.
Read the whole article here.

My only remaining question is when oh when will someone make the Sally Lockhart books into a movie? (Or several movies?) I loved those long before His Dark Materials came out. In fact, I started reading The Golden Compass and then set it aside because it was so unlike the Sally Lockhart books... I only picked GC up again (and the others in its series) when I went to Oxford because Pullman is an alum of Exeter College, where I studied. Anyway... go see the movie and cheers to Pullman for this intriguing venture.

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