Smilla's Sense of Snow

Oh my goodness. I devoured this book... I actually had to keep it in a separate room so it would be out of my line of sight and I could prolong the reading experience.

A longer review will follow, but here's the basic plot.

In Copenhagen, a young Greenlander boy named Isaiah dies from falling off the roof of his apartment building. Smilla (our narrator and his neighbor, another Greenlander) sees his footprints in the snow and even while the police are ready to declare it an accident, she can tell from his tracks that something isn't right in that ruling. A child -- moreover, a child afraid of heights -- would not run so assuredly towards the edge of the roof. What follows is Smilla's determined search to understand how and why Isaiah died, which takes her far from Copenhagen's snowy streets and into the treacherous ice of Greenland.

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