Amis at Manchester

From the Guardian:
To those who seek a career as a writer, Martin Amis has some well chosen words of advice.
"Well, it is a sort of sedentary, carpet slippers, self-inspecting, nose-picking, arse-scratching kind of job, just you in your study and there is absolutely no way round that. So, anyone who is in it for worldly gains and razzmatazz I don't think will get very far at all."
It's the method that worked for Amis, who is often described as Britain's greatest living author. And it just might inspire another one like him. Today, Manchester University will announce an academic coup: Amis has agreed to take up his first teaching role as its professor of creative writing, a decision that will bring the one-time enfant terrible of British literature, author of 11 novels, including Money and London Fields, firmly into the literary establishment.
Speaking exclusively to the Guardian ahead of today's announcement, Amis admitted that he hopes a new novel will germinate during his time as a professor.
He also insisted that, despite his reputation as an caustic and unforgiving critic, he will be a generous tutor.
Yeah... I'll wait for the follow-up interview with his students before I believe that one. Read the whole article here.

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