Anonymous Collection at the National Gallery of Art

From the NY Times:
When the Metropolitan Museum exhibited Leonardo da Vinci drawings in 2003, visitors had to stand in line to see individual works. While waiting, they could pass the time reading the wall labels, where amid the fine print the works’ lenders were listed. Most were auspicious collections: the Louvre, the Vatican, the Met, the Royal Library at Windsor Castle.
There are no lines at “Private Treasures: Four Centuries of European Master Drawings,” organized by curators at the Morgan Library & Museum and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, and no crowds. But neither the wall labels nor the catalog reveal where these works came from. The show is drawn entirely from an anonymous private collection.
Despite the veil of secrecy, a couple of things are obvious: the collector had significant capital for investing in old masters and either an exceptional eye or a good adviser (or both). The catalog discloses that “she” assembled the collection in only 11 years.
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