Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: the Graphic Novel

If Pride and Prejudice and Zombies had been like this from the start, I would have liked it a great deal more. However, since two volumes were required to produce the effect, I must say I'm not thrilled with either, but this comes out ahead. For those itching to read a zombie-filled version of a Jane Austen classic, I suggest that you opt for this one. The basic plot is this: a zombie plague has stricken England and many upper class men and women now study martial arts in the Orient so that they might return to protect their families from the undead. The plot of Pride and Prejudice is firmly maintained, with undead flourishes here and there.

What grew tiresome in the novel of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies continues to amuse for a bit longer in the graphic novel format. In the original P&P&Z, I was annoyed with the pace -- it was an amusing joke taken to such ridiculous length that it seemed as though it would have better served its purpose by simply existing as a three chapter comedy piece. At least with the this, one can visualize the "Unmentionables" quite clearly, though the artwork does look a bit rushed, as if the artist were hurried along at every step of the way so that this book might still profit from any lingering craze. It's not simply the lack of color in the frames (for actually, I prefer the black-and-white look for a "historical" comic), it's something about the roughness of the illustrations. While this is certainly a quicker way to satisfy one's interest in seeing zombies in Regency England, I still think it manages to wear on a bit.

The worst mistake, however, is this: no true story of Pride and Prejudice would feature Lizzy as a blonde. She can chop off the heads of the damned, but blond hair just doesn't work.

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