Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume 1

In my defense, it was purchased for me as a gift and so I felt obliged to read it. And if it's any consolation, I think I was punished enough by the process of actually reading this. For fans of manga comics who loved Twilight, this might be an amazing experience, but I just don't get it. Not only does this just seem to capitalize on the complete obsession that some people seem to have for the books, but it doesn't seem to enhance the text at all and so really it's just fangirl art. I found things even more laughable in this particular form of illustration (though I suppose Edward does lend himself towards a rather nonthreatening and effete visual depiction) than when it was just text -- the jagged lines of tension were especially irritating. Another artistic annoyance: Bella seemed to be crying most of the time -- though perhaps what looked like tears were beads of sweat?

Overall, clearly I wasn't pleased, but I also admit that (a) this whole style isn't for me and (b) I went into reading this with the assumption that it would be ridiculous. A word of warning: this isn't even the entire Twilight book, it's just "Volume 1"! Talk about milking this franchise for as much as it's worth! The only really positive thing I can say is that clearly the illustrator is talented, even if this style isn't something I like, but I hope she directs her talents towards more original work.

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