Your A-Z of Eth!cal PR

Here's a selection from a funny piece in the Telegraph: "Your A-Z of Eth!cal PR."
Dostoevsky, Fyodor: Russian novelist remarkable for his profound psychological insight.
He may be a great writer, but sadly Fyodor Dostoevsky hasn't been shifting enough units to merit his place in the current Waterstone's 3-for-2 promotion. Yes, punters will happily pick up their Jilly Coopers and their Joanna Trollopes, and who can blame them, but at the last minute something stops them making that final stretch towards Crime and Punishment.
When Waterstone's came to us with this problem, my first thought was of rebranding. I was brutally frank. "The title's a definite downer," I said. "Today's busy shopper with a hectic lifestyle doesn't want to relax with a book called Crime and Punishment."
They heard what I was saying. Result? Come the spring, the book will be appearing on their shelves with more of a roses-and-bottle-of-bubbly rom-com feel to its jacket, the strapline, "Sonya would follow him anywhere – even to chilly Siberia", and the new title – so much more fun – Don't Tell the Inspector!
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