The Fountain

So... The Fountain. ...yeah.

Well, Rachel Weisz was stunningly beautiful, as always. It did seem that it was a big part of her job to be oh-so-beautiful, a focal point for Hugh Jackman's time-defying search for everlasting life (often spurred by his desire to save her and everything she stands for).
Here's the general plot: it's Rachel and Hugh in a triptych of three different times. In the 16th century, she's Queen Isabel of Spain, threatened by the Spanish Inquisition, and she sends him (a conquistador) to New Spain in search of the Tree of Life. In the present day, he's Tom Creo ("creo" translates to "believe" in Spanish), a research scientist who's running himself ragged in the search for a cure to the disease that is killing his wife, Izzi. In the future, he's bald, in a space bubble, with a tree (his beloved). Aside from the presence of Hugh Jackman (I don't care if Rachel's supposed to be in the tree, I'd rather see her), all three feature discussion of the Mayan afterlife, Xibalba, the Mayan afterlife, which is also represented by a dying star in this movie.
The major problem that I had with this is that there isn't a lot of plot in this movie beyond the idea of these two chasing love and everlasting life. It's self-indulgently beautiful, in love with its own aesthetic... but it's not that substantive below that beautiful surface.


jadis said...

"creo" specifically means, "i believe" (as it's conjugated).

i havent seen it yet, but i've heard pretty much the same things about this film. as always though, i do try to keep an open mind - and the stills look amazing. i hope i like it :)

scatteredpaper said...

Ah the conjugation. Thanks, jadis. =) The stills are quite lovely -- if you visit the NY Times, they have one of their movie videos that shows a scene and then has a discussion with the director and he talks a lot about the visual aspects of the movie and how they wanted something that looked very different from everything else they had seen.