Agnes Grey & Daisy Miller

Remember how a little while ago, I recommended DailyLit -- the website that sends you a small, five-minute chunk of a book every day? By this point, I've read two books as a result of DailyLit... and yes, they were short books and yes, I may have clicked the "Send me the next installment now!" button a few times, but still, I maintain that this is a great idea. Sure, you want to read some books in an easy chair by a fire, but this gives you just five minutes of assured respite in your day (because who wants to see messages go unread in their unbox?).
First, I started myself off with Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë, which I had read before and yet had barely remembered. It takes 82 emails to send you the full text, though naturally that speeds up when you have a few days where you can read a bit more that one email's worth.
Next up was Daisy Miller by Henry James, which I selected after it was mentioned a great deal in Reading Lolita in Tehran. At only 26 sections, it was a very quick read and certainly intriguing.
I heartily recommend both as quick pieces that one can get through with relative speed.

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