Eva Green

The Guardian interviews Eva Green about her Bafta nomination, "007, Bertolucci and when not to do a nude scene."
All the while, Barbra Streisand's song is in my head: "Love, ageless and evergreen/ Seldom seen by two." Evergreen, Eva Green: can she be real or just a drooling marketing man's invention to revive the Bond franchise like cinematic Viagra in its sixth decade?
Here comes the answer: Green arrives blissfully dogless (she apparently owns a terrier, though). She has blushes like roses under April snow (check), cheekbones like porcelain (check), eyes you could gaze into for a happy afternoon (check), fey handshake (check) and eyebrows in need of attention (mine too). She resembles a boiled-down Isabelle Adjani, and yet also has the gamine charms of Audrey Tautou and the improbable politesse of Emmanuelle Béart. Bertolucci said Green was "so beautiful it's indecent". This is wrong: her beauty, though extreme, has nothing indecent about it. Yet.
Read the article/interview here.

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