Sarah Silverman: The Sitcom

The latest comedian to be granted a self-titled series is Sarah Silverman, known best for her film Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic and as a small but memorable contributor to 2005's The Aristocrats.
Ms. Silverman has earned a reputation as a sharply honed assessor of self-importance and political correctness, a persona that, in mocking the pretensions of people who believe they have none, is in vogue in the vein of “Borat,” Jon Stewart and others.
She also has been refining her jokes about flatulence.
To those who might scoff that scatological humor should be beneath someone who aspires to poke holes in the convictions of the politically correct, she has an answer. “It’s the sign language of comedy,” she said during an interview over a lunch of poached eggs and toast at a downscale-hipster diner in Hollywood. “It’s universal.”
"The Sarah Silverman Program" premieres tomorrow on Comedy Central and features many of the same folks that you saw in her film, including Brian Posehn and Silverman's sister, Laura.

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