Gromit, help!

DreamWorks is splitting with Aardman Animation, the production company that has popularized Wallace & Gromit, after heavy losses from Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (which despite critical success, lost the studio money) and, more recently, Flushed Away (which lost the studio a lot of money).
Rumours of a split have been rife since last year when DreamWorks said it expected Flushed Away to lose money.
Aardman spokesman Arthur Sheriff insisted there was no animosity in the split. DreamWorks was focusing on computer animated films, while Aardman wanted to continue making its traditional "claymation" movies as well.
"We always knew America would be a hard task for us - we're a very English company," Mr Sheriff said. "We embrace the international market but we think part of our strength is our English sense of humour and we want to continue with that" he added.
I certainly hope they will continue their claymation movies as Wallace & Gromit are quite funny in the bumbling British tradition

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