All Together Dead

It's book seven and Sookie is attending the vampire summit in Rhodes in the service of Sophie-Anne, the vampire Queen of Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina has hit, devastating New Orleans and a good part of Louisiana (though Bon Temps is fine), which has weakened Sophie-Anne's position... and at this summit, there's the possibility that she'll be standing trial for the murder of her husband, the King of Arkansas, who met his end after initiating a coup against his bride in the last novel. Also at the conference, we have were-tiger boyfriend Quinn, vampire Eric (who's still trying to figure out things with Sookie), vampire Bill (also known as Nameless since the revelation that his relationship was Sookie started by order of the Queen), Barry the Bellboy (the only other telepath that Sookie has ever met), and a host of other vampires from previous books. We picked up Amelia in the last book (the witch who turned her one-night-stand Bob into a cat after some adventurous sex went definitely wrong) and she's settled in as Sookie's housemate who's there to hold down the fort in Bon Temps. Oh, and apparently there are other dimensions from which people can be summoned? Seriously, the cast keeps growing... to the point where the reader must wonder if we're getting everyone together for a big event where some folks end up dead. And really, people/vamps ending up dead is something you can usually count on.
If you thought Sookie got into trouble with a few vampires, imagine a whole convention center full of them. Sookie might be there as a "human Geiger counter" to the Queen so she can do some business deals and clear her name, but naturally there are other forces to be fought against. Sookie and Barry must figure out what's going on before it's too late, daylight or no.
Side note: I have to confess. I'm not crazy about Quinn. The image of him simply isn't sexy. If Sookie needed a non-vampire guy, what was so wrong with Sam? I'm liking how conflicted Eric is about his connection to Sookie (and we get an interesting turn with this), and while Bill is clearly sorry, Sookie isn't getting over his betrayal quickly.

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