From Dead to Worse

Book number eight... which means I've reached the end of the mass-market paperbacks and the next will come with a hardcover price tag. Ridiculously enough, I was rather thrown with this one in the beginning, because my copy has a different font set than all the others. And I'm still not quite sure what to make of the cover (even though it's pretty obvious for all the others), as Bill takes a bit of a backseat, but his presence on the cover seems to indicate he's a big player.
We're back in Bon Temps after the disaster explosion at the vampire summit that nearly killed everyone -- and no one seems to have walked away without their scars. As if the repercussions of that weren't enough to deal with, Charlaine Harris moves full speed ahead on tossing in a whole host of new complications and plot points. Quinn is MIA (though we know he made it out), leaving Sookie in the lurch and wondering why he isn't in contact. Bill tells her that he's still in love with her. (No surprise.) And while it's been quite some time since book four, Eric finally has a glimmer of memory about his time that he and Sookie spent together. On the non-romance front, Sookie acquires a new houseguest when Amelia's witch mentor comes to stay, and Amelia's dad visits to drop the bomb-shell that he knows Sookie's deceased cousin Hadley's ex-husband... and apparently, there's a baby. Oh, and we meet Sookie's great-grandfather, a prince of the fae who warns Sookie to be on her guard in case people try to hurt her to get to him. Like she needed another host of supernatural enemies. Of course, the weres and the vamps are a little busy at the moment, dealing with their own internal wars.
This one is so not a book for someone who just wants one clear storyline. Big things are happening to change the entire supernatural world... and Sookie seems to be mixed up in it all.

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