Club Dead

I suppose I knew it was inevitable -- the book in the series where something comes between them and the heroine has to do without the hero for a while. Another quick read, this one introduces us more fully to other supernatural creatures, like werewolves and shape-shifters. From the get-go, Sookie and Bill are a little estranged as work calls him out of town, but soon Sookie learns that Bill is definitely in danger and possibly dead (dead again? dead for good?) already. So Sookie is off to Mississippi to collect yet another supernatural suitor, information on Bill's whereabouts, and more bruises. Seriously, do we have to beat this girl up in every single book? Of course, her emotions are getting a little battered in this one, too, as it's possible that Bill has been unfaithful, but Sookie is still intent on finding him.
In this, the third book in the series, Charlaine Harris manages to entertain and I no sooner set this one down than I picked up the fourth.

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