A Flap Over Gay Penguins

If you're a New Yorker, chances are, you heard about the gay penguins at the Central Park Zoo a few years ago. Roy & Silo were in love and after an unsuccessful attempt to hatch a rock, the zoo keepers brought them a fertilized egg that they cared for and then raised (the baby penguin was named Tango... because it takes two to make a tango...). These penguins didn't get as much press as March of the Penguins or anything, but Roy & Silo's story became a children's book (And Tango Makes Three). Naturally, there are some people in the midwest who have become upset by this book and are trying to place it in restricted parts of school libraries. It isn't enough for conservatives that Roy & Silo split (and Silo paired up with female penguin, Scrappy), but now they insist on censoring a gay penguin love story. Come on folks... you were fine with the penguin sex in March of the Penguins but you're upset that two male penguins raised a chick? Aren't there bigger issues to tackle?

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