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It's Thanksgiving weekend and if your family is anything like mine, you will have watched the traditional Thanksgiving movie (Home for the Holidays) after stuffing yourselves with turkey and now one must ask... how what? Well, here are a few articles to direct you, along with two that will direct you to theaters if you can roll yourself to your car.

The NY Times & A.O. Scott let us know that most of Robert Altman's movies are available on DVD. Here's a list to help you add them to your Netflix queue.

The beautiful Rachel Weisz has a new movie: The Fountain. Director is the father of her baby, Darren Aronofsky, and Rachel stars opposite Hugh Jackman. The NY Times didn't seem to like it all that much and the article mentioned something about Rachel becoming a tree? That's a shame. Ah well. Here's an article from Canada.com, too, entitled "Of Weisz and Men."

Tony-award winner turned movie, The History Boys asks us "how to teach and interpret history." When I return to NYC after the holidays and I can once again seek out indie movie theaters, I'll definitely be going to see this.

Universal Home Video has released the first of its Screen Legend Collection: five films starring Rock Hudson. The collection is designed to draw attention to some big name stars' lesser known films. In this Rock Hudson collection, you will find Has Anybody Seen My Gal?, A Very Special Favor, The Golden Blade, The Last Sunset, and The Spiral Road. You'll also find sets for Bing Crosby (Waikiki Wedding, Double or Nothing, East Side of Heaven, If I Had My Way, and Here Come the Waves) and Cary Grant (Thirty Day Princess, Kiss and Make Up, Wings in the Dark, Big Brown Eyes, and Wedding Present). That should fill up the netflix queue, I think.

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Peter Shelton said...

Speaking of Rock Hudson, how about Seconds, dir, John Frankenheimer?
That was one of the most impressive films I've seen.