A new Jane Eyre... because it's been a few years since the last one.

When you type in "Jane Eyre" on imdb.com, your search will yield 18 titles (and one French actress credited with a single movie in 1909). The latest to be featured on this list is a BBC adaptation and thus, we have an article from The Guardian to make note of it. Lest you think it's just another Brontë puff piece (it takes an English major to suggest that there are such things as Brontë puff pieces), this was written by Lucasta Miller (who wrote The Brontë Myth, of course) and thankfully it does more than summarize Charlotte's life and make a half-hearted mention of Gilbert & Gubar.

If you're in the UK, this four-part BBC adaptation is apparently running on BBC1 from tomorrow through October 15th. If you're in the States like me, you'll just have to wait and add it to your Netflix queue when it becomes available on DVD.

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