Book Fairs and Poetry and Opera, Oh My!

Unsure what to do with yourself next week?

Well, if you happen to be heading to Frankfurt, you should stop by the Frankfurt Book Fair, which is the world's largest. You'll also get a taste of India, as evidently the country has been invited as a guest of honor.

No ticket to Frankfurt, hm? How about London? It's National Poetry Day on the 5th and there will be a special reading at Poet's Corner in Westminster Abbey.

Really, no London either? Well, if you're staying in New York, you might as well go experience some culture! The Klimt exhibit finishes on the 9th and there's always the opera on the 5th for as little as $25. In addition, the New Yorker Festival goes from the 6th to the 8th. Practically everything is sold out, though.

And if you needed advance warning... San Francisco's Literary Festival is October 6th through 14th.

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