The Quill Book Awards

From the website:

The Quill Awards pair a populist sensibility with Hollywood-style glitz and have become the first literary prizes to reflect the tastes of the group that matters most in publishing-readers.
People frequently comment that they feel bombarded with awards shows and it makes them feel as though they are being told what qualifies as good... this has led to a general desire to be in on the action (spawning things like dial-in voting for reality TV shows, because it's not like people are offered the chance to vote in other things, like, say, government elections).
One of the reasons that I don't mind the many award listings is because I like to think that people who know a particular industry are singling out works that are worthy of my attention. These people have established themselves in this profession, therefore they must at least have a semi-informed opinion. True, they may be selfishly leaning towards a publishing house/studio or voting for their friend as we all did in student council elections, but even so, while I may not always agree with their choice, when you're sifting through hundreds of movies, books and CDs, it does help narrow the field a bit.
When you click here to vote for your favorites, you will be presented with a seemingly endless list of books in every category. It's like having dinner at Jerry's Deli... if you don't know what you want when you walk in, the menu will be of no help to you, there are too many choices. The plus side is that sifting through these candidates will make you feel better than trying to vote on reruns of American Idol. It doesn't count retroactively, no matter how much you wanted Clay Aiken to win. Console yourself with the fact that the President probably shares your opinion and thought he should do something to make up for Clay's loss.

And while you're voting for your favorite book of the year, remember to vote for this stuff, too.

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