Harry Potter Can't Fly?

Harry Potter was nearly kept from flying - and not by Quidditch referees or Dementors, but by airport security staff in the US. The BBC reports that JK Rowling was stopped as she tried to board her flight -- she refused to stow the manuscript for Book Seven in her carry-on baggage. Good to know that we're focused on the true terrorists... after all, she's bewitching our children and making them *gasp!* read!
Ultimately, Rowling was allowed to take her notes onto the flight, bound together with rubber bands. If the security staff was going to use their power for something useful in this situation, they might have at least exacted a promise that Harry would be okay...

JK Rowling was in the US for charity readings on the 1st and 2nd - Rowling, Stephen King, and John Irving read to benfit Doctors Without Borders and the Haven Foundation.

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