Bill Travis's New York

Particularly intriguing photography exhibit up in SoHo... the artist's name is Bill Travis and here's an article about his work in New Partisan. The opening paragraph for you, in case you were wavering on even looking at the article or going to the show...
When I think of New York City, many characteristics come to mind: toughness, elegance, vulgarity, hard times, commerce, modernity, diversity. But romance? Mystery? Fantasy? I wouldn’t normally associate these words with New York. That is why, to me, Bill Travis’s New York City images are so unusual. They focus on the very things that generally escape notice.
The show is up until the 30th at the SoHo Photo Gallery on 15 White Street.

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Clay Bethelbridge said...

Ewwww. Does NY really look like that? LOL. Great blog. While I dont understand everything on it, it seems smart and honest/