House, M.D. - Season 2

Old news, I know, but House, M.D. - Season Two came out on DVD on August 22nd and it took me until last night to get through everything. This season, we see the return of House's old love Stacey and some interesting cases where Cameron, Chase, and Foreman play more pronounced roles. Wilson moves in with House for a short period of time as he separates from his wife and Cuddy claims a storyline of her own towards the end. The season finale skillfully challenges storytelling reality and I think it's my favorite (particularly after the two-part "Euphoria" episodes where I just wasn't attached enough to a certain doctor to be too concerned for him). Hugh Laurie remains a great actor who has made this offensive, brutally honest character his own - and we love him for it. The show's underlying strength remains in his cold ability to solve puzzles, which automatically generates the question everyone asks - House may know what it takes to save a life, but what makes it worth living?
Go rent or buy it. Netflix took too long and I had to go out and rent the DVDs from Blockbuster. I'm not a patient person.

If you've seen season 2 already, perhaps I might interest you in a gag reel?

Oh, you've seen that, too, then? Well, what about Hugh Laurie singing "Mystery" on Inside the Actor's Studio?

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