Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) will have another movie coming up in the future... and this one won't include the Baudelaire orphans. The film rights to his novel Adverbs have been sold and Handler will be writing the screenplay.

An adverb is a "doing word," a word that modifies verbs, adjectives, phrases, clauses, or even other adverbs, and will describe the manner, place, or time of an action. Daniel Handler's Adverbs is a novel that deals with love, constantly shifting and changing, and the varying effects that love has on the lives of his characters. This concept of modifying words and life is naturally apparent in a novel named for modifiers and every chapter title is an adverb. Handler reuses characters throughout, or perhaps he simply reuses the names, and he refuses to give a clean explanation of everything - after all, we're talking about love. Love is never easy, never clean-cut. "Love is this sudden crash in your path, quick and to the point, and nearly always it leaves someone slain on the green." It is, however, always around us, whether we're the main players in the drama or simply extras in the background. The interesting part isn't necessarily the person loving (the noun), but the manner, place, and time in which one is loved (the adverb).

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