Election Results

Good job, America. At this point, Democrats have picked up about 28 seats in the House... a few more than the 15 we needed to take control. The Senate hinges on Montana & Virginia. Please, Virginia... just reject George Allen. He's calling Democrats to tell them they can't vote? Come on.

Other things to note: good thing -- South Dakota rejected the abortion ban; bad thing -- South Carolina, Tennesee, Virginia, Colorado, & Idaho banned same-sex marriages (Arizona votes are still being tallied); bad thing -- Lieberman won over Lamont in CT; and good thing -- pretty much everyone voted to raise the minimum wage.

Go to Pollster.com to look at the maps for Senate races, House races, & Governor races.

Visit CNN, the NY Times, the Washington Post, the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph or whatever news source you prefer.
(Oh, and this art (and some other rather cool representations of the stars & stripes) was found at this website: check it out.)

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