Emma Thompson

The incomparable Emma Thompson has a new movie coming out this week -- let us all rejoice.
The NY Times talks with her about Stranger Than Fiction, picking roles, and how to create a deliciously disgusting character.
Emma Thompson was recalling the pivotal scene in Ang Lee’s “Sense and Sensibility” when her resolutely self-contained character, Elinor Dashwood, realizes that her life has changed forever, that the man she loves has not, as she had thought, gone and married someone else.
Hugh Grant, her co-star, “hadn’t realized that I was going to be sobbing all the way through his speech,” Ms. Thompson recalled. “But I said, ‘There’s no other way, and I promise you it’ll work, and it will be funny as well as being touching. And he said, ‘Oh, all right,’ and he was very good about it.” She grinned. “That is a terrible example of how to upstage another actor.”

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