Global Rich List

When you're working in publishing in New York and it feels like most of your salary goes towards rent, you can feel like you work for peanuts... and books. The only time that you think of your earnings as anything substantial is while listening to Diana Krall's Christmas CD as she croons -- "When my bankroll is gettin' small / I think of when I had none at all / and I fall asleep counting my blessings."
Well, in case you wanted to feel ridiculously rich today, visit the Global Rich List and type in your salary. Voila -- you now have an instant high as you realize how wealthy you are in comparison to most of the world's population. While you're still on that high, make a donation to your favorite charity to help the less fortunate before you start calculating how much it will cost you to see a movie this weekend.
Or visit the Social Design Network and 21% of the proceeds from your purchase of an Allumonde ring will go to charity. Both of these links were brought to my attention today by Daily Candy, oddly enough.

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