More Desai, this time with book burnings?

It's the first rather negative press that I've seen about Kiran Desai's The Inheritance of Loss:
When she became the youngest ever winner of the Booker prize Kiran Desai inadvertently lifted the town of Kalimpong out of the shadows of the Himalayas and into the glare of the media spotlight.
But few in the town are now thanking her for setting her novel, The Inheritance of Loss, in this landscape. Instead internet forums hum with indignation about the book's "condescending statements" while others threaten public book-burnings.
I just received the book from BN.com yesterday and I intend to start reading it this weekend... perhaps if I actually finish it and write my own review, I'll be able to do more than post links and chime in with my own opinion.

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