Ghiberti's Baptistery Doors

If you've visited beautiful Firenze (that would be Florence, kids), then surely you've visited the Piazza del Duomo and that means you've taken a look at the golden doors of the Baptistery. The ten panels depict scenes from the Old Testament and it took Lorenzo Ghiberti 27 years to complete them. The doors weigh about three tons. You snapped pictures and you "oooh"ed and "ahhh"ed at the doors that Michelangeo declared were grand enough to adorn the gates of paradise (hence, why they're now called the "Gates of Paradise"). One small problem -- those aren't them. The panels currently on display are copies that were put up in 1990 because they were in terrible condition as a result of age and pollution. After intense restoration, three of the original panels will be touring North America. New Yorkers, you'll get your chance to see these at the Met from October 30th through January 13th.

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