The Unfortunate End

I finished reading The Beatrice Letters on Friday and The End on Saturday... and I feel so in the know, it's ridiculous. Never mind the fact that the only people who feel a similar enthusiasm for this information about Lemony Snicket and a Series of Unfortunate Events are ten years old. I did, evidently, make the right choice to not attend the Union Square event, as it appears that some people were there until midnight as they waited for Daniel Handler to sign books on behalf of Lemony Snicket (that and it was probably a bunch of children and I'd have to pretend that I was getting things signed for my godson... soon he's going to be old enough to ask me to stop using him as an excuse). While I might not be searching for any more books about the Baudelaires, I am still searching for someone to discuss the books with me. *sigh*
But before you take pity on me and decide to read them, I must warn you that they will bring you nothing but sorrow and I agree with Lemony Snicket that when faced with the prospect, you should simply scream and run away...

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