Must-See Masterpieces

How important is it to see a work of art in person? It's incredibly important, I think, and most art lovers would agree. You may get unprecedented access to artwork on the Internet, but there really is no substitute for seeing a work of art in situ. The Guardian is asking you to help compile a list of definitive must-see masterpieces.

So what would be on my list? It's limitless but here are five works of art that astounded me as I stood in front of them. (Note: This is not a compiled wish list... that would be truly impossible to attempt with any chance at brevity.)
  1. Impression, Sunrise by Monet (and all the giant waterlily paintings) at the Marmottan in Paris
  2. The Kiss by Klimt at the Belvedere in Vienna
  3. Sainte Chapelle in Paris
  4. The Book of Kells at Trinity College in Dublin
  5. Tiger in a Tropical Storm (Surprised!) by Rousseau at the National Gallery in London
As previously stated, that's an incomplete list. Those are just a few that really knocked my socks off and meant something new to me as I stood in front of them. How anyone can do a top 20 list is beyond me. I'd feel too constrained by the need to represent various locations and to ensure that it wasn't all dead white men. But even these five don't include the Sistine Chapel, Exeter College Chapel, the panels around the main door at the Duomo di Orvieto, the Starry Night over the Rhone by Van Gogh, Bernini's Apollo & Daphne, Rodin's Kiss, The Elgin Marbles, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon by Picasso... I have to cut myself off, otherwise I'll keep going.

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