Why do bad movies happen?

Why do frat boy movies keep coming out at a consistent rate? Are the people who attend those movies the people who are breeding and therefore pushing our population to 300 million? Possibly, but that isn't what this article discussess... it only discusses the stupid movie phenomena from the perspective of the Brits.

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Zen Wizard said...

Liked Revenge of the Nerds for some reason.

Have never watched Dazed & Confused or Animal House in their entireties, even though I own them on VHS. And they are right on my bookshelf.

I am guessing that these movies are popular because they propose a myth of male fun and camaraderie immediately before receiving one's bachelor's degree--which is the entry into adulthood, either through "buckling down" and getting your doctor's or master's (which is all work and no "beer bong"); or entering the work force and married life (i.e., the Genital stage of Freudian development as opposed to Latent.)