Starbucks Culture

I don't drink coffee, so when I walk into a Starbucks location, my interest is already off-center. I like caramel frappuccinos, pumpkin cookies... and the music. I like cozy coffeehouses, but in the absence of appropriate places with wooden benches and comfy cushions, I'll settle for a Starbucks when I need a place to loiter and bide my time until some other scheduled meeting or event. Part of the Starbucks atmosphere is the music... Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, the Beatles... it's all good by me. But does that mean that I'm swayed by that Starbucks-brand endorsement when it comes to other things that I don't already appreciate? I have yet to consciously check something out just because Starbucks said I should, but I do have Akeelah and the Bee in my Netflix queue...

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