Over the past week or two, I've been getting the DVDs for the first season of MI-5 (which was known as Spooks in Britain). The show makes it look as though MI5 is run by about four people... and even this American knows that the British Security Service would have a rather crowded office.
Despite my anxious misgivings after the first few episodes, I find it oddly compelling and the season ended on such a cliffhanger that I did something I rarely do... I went online to find out what happened because otherwise, I'd have to wait for Netflix to send me the first disc from the second season and that would take days. Unacceptable. (It's amazing how your perspective changes when you stop watching regular television and you simply watch shows on DVDs.) By reading up on the show, though, I did learn that it appears to fall apart after a while... something about the three main characters leaving the show sometime in the third season, which usually signals a sinking ship. I'll probably watch the second and third seasons at some point, but now I'm somewhat reluctant to do so with any speed.

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