Penny for a song, guv'na?

You pay more than a penny for a song at iTunes these days, but what about if you actually owned a song? Think about Will in About a Boy who gets royalties for "Santa's Super Sleigh" or whoever owns "Happy Birthday." Well, now it might even be possible for you to own just a small lyric in a song. Jonathan Haselden, a UK singer/songwriter, has been earning money (and netting some publicity) by selling off pieces of his songs. Individuals or companies can buy the lyrics, use them in whatever way they so choose, and then if the song is in any way successful, they will net a part of the profits. It might sound a little silly, but he just sold the lyric "And when you're lost, you'll always be found" on eBay for nearly $21,000. Sounds like whatever Haselden has cooked up is music to his ears.

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