Popping the question -- is Borders against teen sex?

Borders has declined to display the new YA novel Pop! written by Aury Wallington. Jessa Crispin (known for her blog, Bookslut) asks whether or not Borders is doing so as a result of the sexual content. Wallington wrote the book so young adults would have a book (about a seventeen-year-old virgin and her quest to have sex) to turn to for the difficult questions about sex. Wallington said, "I wanted to write a book that would serve a new generation of girls the way Judy Blume's Forever served me—answering questions that I was too embarrassed to ask anyone, and showing the emotional issues of sex and virginity through a character I could identify with."
Meanwhile, Borders says you can special order the book through them... but Barnes and Noble has agreed to carry it -- so order it there.

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