I get by with a little help from my friends...

Whenever I think of what I would do if I had large amounts of money, I think of two things.
  1. I would travel everywhere.
  2. I would invite my friends along.
Okay, well, I think of more things than that... like donating to charities and the Pottery Barn Greenwich collection couch and buying every single book and movie on my endless "to read/watch" list.
But when I read an article about people traveling with friends, I'm rather pleased. Sure there are complications and sure I'm jealous that I can't quite do this scale of trip now (we managed backpacking through Italy in hostels but a yacht would be cool, too), but hey, I'll file it away for future use. If my "gold-digger" costume yields positive results, then hey, maybe I'll invite you along on a trip sometime soon.

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