Go buy Jim Crace's Useless America!

This is pretty fantastic if it's true... Jim Crace has supposedly written a novel called Useless America and it's being sold on Amazon.co.uk -- I say supposedly because Jim Crace hasn't written this novel at all.
When Penguin contracted me to write the novel a few years ago, I had not yet decided on a title. But the first line of the book was going to be "This used to be America". It was convenient to use that as a working designation. Nobody would know or care except me, my agent and my editor. Now we are in the world of guesswork. When the book was "announced" all those years ago, someone at Penguin couldn't type, possibly, or someone at Amazon was hard of hearing. "Used to" became "Useless", an amusing error. But an error with a life of its own.
Anyway, Useless America, complete with its own ISBN number, is now available for purchase. I am almost certain that not a word of it exists. Order your copy, while stocks last.

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