Stolen Literature

A librarian stole books worth £175,000 from the Manchester Central Library... and then put them up for sale on eBay. And we're not talking new books or bestsellers... we're talking about old, incredibly valuable books, like a 16th century Geoffrey Chaucer book that is worth £35,000. The librarian, Norman Buckley, started stealing the books and selling them after being dumped by his girlfriend. Oddly, he didn't really spent the money he got for the stolen items. He was busted after a book expert bought a copy of John Donne's Elegies (dated 1654) and saw the library seal on the book. The book expert contacted police, the wicked librarian was arrested, and they found about 400 more books in his flat. Buckley helped police locate the others and so far, 92% of the books have been recovered. He won't be doing time in jail, but he will be doing quite a lot of community service.

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