How to Marry a Millionaire

I'm continuing on a bit of a Marilyn Monroe kick and, last night, I watched How to Marry a Millionaire.
The first surprising thing was the amount of screen time given to the orchestra at the beginning of the film. It meant that I spent a lot of time trying to determine if there were any female musicians at all (about three) and I watched the cymbalist, waiting for the poor man to have something to contribute. While looking at the trivia about the movie on IMDB, though, I learned that this was one of the first movies to have its score recorded in stereo, so the eight-minute, pre-credits introduction makes a little more sense.
In any case, my criticism is that there isn't nearly enough Marilyn in it -- her character is one large gag about a girl not wanting to be seen in glasses (if only they had included the Dorothy Parker line, "Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses") and yet she's endearing. It's a cute little picture with a simple premise and an obvious conclusion. Three gold-digging girls rent an expensive, furnished apartment in an effort to snag wealthy husbands; the three are played by Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable. My favorite line might belong to Lauren Bacall as she tries to insist that age doesn't matter: "I've always liked older men... look at that old fellow what's-his-name in the African Queen. Absolutely crazy about him." Her reference is to Humphrey Bogart... Lauren Bacall's real-life husband.
Naturally, the girls might plan on marrying money but life has other plans and it all turns out happily. (If you don't care to know the ending or somehow can't guess where this would all end up, then stop reading now!) One ends up happily married but poor as a churchmouse; one marries a wealthy man who's on the lamb and thus has no access to his money; and the final girl actually gets a millionaire to the altar... but she's already fallen in love with someone else who she believes is poor (in actuality, he's richer than Croesus and just happens to like greasy spoon diners).
Those seeking pointers on marrying millionaires in this day and age won't find much here to help them -- except that it's all about being in the right place at the right time. So if anyone is looking for another girl to go in on a plan to rent a posh, furnished apartment and sell the furniture to make rent, let me know.

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