Dragons and high seas' adventure

Peter Jackson has just acquired the rights to a series of books about adventure, historical war, and a dragon. After Lord of the Rings and King Kong, should we be surprised? "Naomi Novik has written three fantasy novels chronicling the Napoleon-era adventures of a swashbuckling ship captain and a heroic dragon named Temeraire who fight to rescue Britain from a French invasion." A former computer programmer who is a self-professed geek, Ms. Novik earns my stamp of approval because she was an Austen freak for a while. Her first novel was reviewed by the London Times as "Patrick O’Brian crossed with Anne McCaffrey: historic, seafaring adventure, with dragons." If that's your thing, I suggest checking out the novels, which are published by Del Rey (an imprint of Random House).

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jadis said...

not just a dragon, if i recall, but a fleet of them. the series is supposed to be a nice reworking of what jackson describes as mainly historical fiction infused with fantasy - what if during (i forget which war, some British war...history: not my forte) the war, in addition to having the army & the navy, there was also a division of the armed forces with dragons and their fliers. it's hot stuff on the fantasy circuit.

not that i would know.