And in this corner, Fitzwilliam Darcy versus Edward Rochester!

Remember the new Jane Eyre miniseries I mentioned before? Well, to follow up on that, the Telegraph asks who looks better in breeches: Rochester or Darcy?
While that's a heated debate, the one thing we can all agree on is that the Brits know how to serialize a novel for television.
Classic serials are what Britain does superlatively well - possibly our finest export. Our food may be flavourless, our public transport system woeful and our government rent by internecine struggles worthy of I Claudius, but we can sleep content in our beds knowing that Disraeli's workshop of the world does know how to make great telly.
I have to agree with her on that point... but not on her later assertion that Mr. Darcy gets too much press. Granted, a lot of his current cultural status is the result of the dishy Colin Firth association, but Mr. Darcy won hearts long before he stepped out of that pond in his dripping shirt. My original reaction to those two heroes was to pick sides with Mr. Rochester but it's a hard match to call.
Oh, and if this Guardian writer is so interested in giving Daniel Cleaver a shot, perhaps she'll be interested in the sale of a pair of Bridget Jones's pants as signed by Hugh Grant...

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